What do Category Managers lose sleep over? And how can you help them sleep like a baby?

What better way to get one over your competitors than to anticipate a retailer’s concerns and coming to the rescue with a commercially viable solution. Boom.

So what do they lose sleep over? And what can you do to help?

Decrease Financial Risk

Suggest a trial

Offer a consignment agreement

Offer markdown coverage

Increase Chances of Trial

Outline your planned marketing & promotions support activities


Present yourself, your company and the product professionally. If you’re small, make yourself look bigger. A polished brand and pack design can make you look much bigger than you actually are.

Conduct market research & share the results.

Offer Exclusivity

Offer them an exclusive product, line extension or packaging format.

Remove Roadblocks

Who do they report to? Who has the final say over whether your product is ranged? Work with the Category Manager to help them overcome any internal obstacles they may face.

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