A Checklist for Pitching Your New Product to a Retailer

Double-triple-check you’ve ticked all the boxes before meeting with a retailer to present your new product idea.

  • Is your distinct selling proposition (DSP) clear and concisely communicated?
  • Have you taken a category wide perspective? Can you show how your new product will grow the category as a whole?
  • Have you shown where your product would sit within their current offering? Positioning is absolutely everything.
  • Have you memorised your pitch and practiced until it comes seamlessly and naturally? Do it in front of the mirror – go on, I dare you.
  • Have you had a full physical mock up of the product or high quality 2D visual professionally developed to make your idea tangible?
  • Have you tailored your presentation to the unique strategic objectives of the retailer you’re presenting to?
  • Have you shown how you will support the new product from a marketing / promotions perspective?
  • Have you neatly summarised the commercial viability of the proposal? You can cover the financial basics in the face-to-face meeting and leave more detailed info behind because let’s face it, numbers are pretty damn boring.

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