The 3 most important ways to lead people are by example, by example, by example” – Albert Schweitzer

It’s no secret that I lead a pretty awesome team at Motor Brand Design. The crew constantly surprise me with wicked ideas and a proactive get shit done mentality. My clients often ask me how I built this kind of awesome company culture that breeds success while fostering creative out-of-the-box ideas. For me, strong leadership is what I put it down to and of course choosing wicked employees.

Everything I do from the way I talk, write, set meetings, design work events, walk, and whatever else I do reflect exactly what I want to see from my people. The crew follow a common saying of mine; ‘make shit happen,’ which was born from how I’ve always approached business. When I first started Motor, I sold my house to fund the business meaning that I had no choice but to make shit happen and fast! Lucky it all worked out and now the agency is not only leading in the industry but also award-winning. Make shit happen has woven itself into the fabric of Motor Brand Design, creating my ultimate dream team.

Refreshingly upfront is another pillar I’ve built the agency on top of that I think is pretty wicked. If there’s one thing, I hate it is people muddying meetings or clouding up discussions with what can only be described as bullshit. I’ve never been one to beat around the bush preferring open and authentic conversation. I expect every member of my team to do the same in fact I encourage it.

Your people and the culture they work in is vital to the success of every company in any industry. Employees are usually the face of your brand meaning that without strong leadership and positive company culture you’re not likely to succeed. Weak brands never prosper, and strong bands run by weak companies are just as bad.

Lead by example, respect your team, and create a culture people want to work in! Get in contact to learn more.

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