Radio is Boring, but Podcasts are Cool Now – How to Talk Millennial

Millennials; love ’em or hate ‘em they are a hugely lucrative market, so, how can marketers truly “get down with the kids” and engage them?

Well, it’s sorta simple; make ’em feel special.

Millennials put a lot of thought into their purchasing decisions. Not only do they put thought into the facts and figures, but also what their purchase says about them. Anything from clothes, houses, cars, furniture, food, or beverages are statements as to who they are and what they stand for. Don’t tell them who they are, they know. Tell them how you can help them be. 

Yes, assumptions are bad Millennials value their individuality and they need to feel a little special. Everything they buy is a statement or testament to this, they think about whether products are healthy, ethically sourced, have sustainable packaging, or support a social cause. Lots of research in recent times has found these values can go out the window when there’s a great price point or a huge discount. This generation of consumers is harder to read and there are layers and tiers to their purchasing decisions. 

In short, Millennials are more likely to purchase a product if it makes them feel special, either through this personal connection or the idea of exclusivity.

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