A Simple Guide to Selling More Shit

A key part of your pitch to the retailer will be the marketing support you’re going to throw behind your product. I heard a phrase once that’s stuck in my mind. To me, it sums product marketing in one simple, easy to digest, gluten-free sentence…

More users. More uses. More usage.

It really is that simple.

So how do you encourage more users, more uses and more usage?

More Users

Who else could be using your product? Have you become so stuck in your definition of “target market” that you’re failing to see a whole group of new users?

Marketers of baby products, for instance, historically defined their target market in terms of mothers.  With dads these days participating in raising kids just as much as mums, there are huge opportunities for baby product manufacturers to develop products and brands that speak to the needs of male parents.

More Uses

How can you take your product and give it a different spin? What else could your product be used for?

Yogurt is typically marketed as a breakfast food or snack. Recently we’ve started seeing dessert yogurt appear on shelves. If I were in the yogurt game, I’d be encouraging my users to see my product as an ingredient for lunch and dinner solutions as well.

More Usage

Who here is guilty of falling for the old shampoo “rinse and repeat” instruction? Unless you’ve just returned from a backpacking trip in South America you really don’t need to wash a second time, but if you do, you’ll use twice as much shampoo. Bang. Double figure growth for the shampoo manufacturer.

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